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domingo, 17 de enero de 2010

“The Ugly truth” is “He is not that in to you”

I think most of the people have seen those movies, right? Some may love them, other may hate them. What none can deny they are hilarious, and more important, truth!

The main thing of truth is that hurts, face it hurts; and that’s why we don’t want to do it. I mean facing it! Cause the result can or may destroy and even devastated the image of ourselves and also our lives structures. This happens, but not all the time. Truth is not good either bad, depends on us, we may like it or just not, but will never offend.

Coming back to the movies, here the truth is about relationships, affect ional ones.

So woman, put your right hand over your heart and answer me: Have you ever made a check list of your “dream right guy”?

Don’t trick your selves ladies, we do. I confess: I do!

Is this wrong? Well, I think we are for dream. That’s it, just a dream. But were that comes from? Women imagination hopes and dream, also romantic novels (even book, TV. movies and on…)

Then why these movies are special? Because they do teach us some things (really evident since ancient times) like “men are simple”; and I have to agree with that. So, women are not? Sorry girls, but we aren’t, never been. Although, doesn’t mean that because they are “simple” they can be better or worst than we are. What this means is they are more practical, keep to the facts! Let see this way: the like what can bee seen, touch, hold, grab, taste and so more. By the other side, we like “the perfect guy for us”, someone that can be seen, touch not even mention be hold; is like we love the “Ideal man”. This means, the closer any guy is to the check list, the better; or that’s what we think, what Abby though (the ugly truth).

As we have a check list, boys have one too. Not as long as us, but they do in there minds, unconsciously. Why is shorter? Because that check list only is about what “THEY DON´ T WANT IN A WOMAN”, and that’s the why.

Strong woman, bossy one, hyper organized scared them, is like: “she is goanna kick my ass (in staid of saying something else) with no mercy”. Guys like to impress a woman, this comes from long ago, when men could show how strong they were, the big beast they could kill; and now how powerful and successful they are in any businesses, and for all that they don’t show any sensibility (although in side they are). You may thing this is a stupid behaviour. What’s wrong in showing some sensibility? In fact, women thinks is cute, well yeah…to a certain point when the cuteness turns to the “Crying baby thing”, and that is so pussy.

So girls, let them impress us!

Other thing that those movies show us is: We have the POWER! Isn’t that clear? “Make him suffer”

This is the simple exercise call the “Waiting”. Men nature implies impatience. They want what they want NOW! So if your waned man waits for you more than 30 sec. on line…do the math! This is like videogame, when is new the play it all he time, but turns to be boring when we win very easily, and left it behind. This apply in relationships would be like: “Make the game interesting”, be difficult to reach, but not impossible. Make him work, gain his attention. Like Mike said: “be the librarian girl and the striper”. Show your self vulnerable and sensible for out side, and be the sex tornado in bed. You are going to dive him crazy!

Ok, up to here, nice advisees. But how this can be put on practices? Simple, men are visual creatures, we have to impress there brains (for the clueless, the brain is the most powerful sex receptor- Wait! Wasn’t his cock?! – Sorry, but not. Eyes are closer to that brain than there genitals…pure facts). So the first shocks are clothes and some skin, like “you can see, eventually touch if I let you” or “there are a lot going on in here”. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean being vulgar, just sensual and sexy (that is an attitude, that clothes can help, but if you haven’t what it takes…good luck). You can also be mysterious. Kind of Sherlock Holmes novel; but you must be the Sherlock, unless you want to disappoint him. And most important BE YOUR SELF! Sounds obvious, but is not! The reason is:

Men are not going to change, women (if they put stupidity aside) will found out that they can’t change them either; so DON´T CHANGE YOU! Because if in the middle of the process “see, touch, grab, hold and so more” fall in love, will be of all your defect, strange moods and curious behaviours. Of the “hole” you.

What the can do is a sacrifice, and hey! Is very important, cause they are putting aside there selfishness to make an action of love. Even you may think is not the big deal (like going to salsa classes, helping you in the groceries store) but is just to be with you or male you happy. We have to do something in exchange, other sacrifices. But be careful, sometimes they don’t see how hard is for you, that is cause we don’t speak about it, not making them notice. We have to do it, always in a good way (this goes for both sides)

I don’t want to be more extensive, so watch the movies, “The Ugly truth” and “He is not that in to you”. Finally real movies!!! Women learn! You may not like how things are shown but is the best and clear way! Stop suffering for love, quit fantasies, be Real! And if you want to dream, do it for your “bean”!

Falling in love is scary , and I have to admit I don’t want to: 1º I don’t want to hurt anyone or get them disappointed, and 2º I don’t want to get hurt. Because falling in love is not like a crush on someone, is deeper. Doesn’t hurt like a scratch. Hurts like a bullet burry in the cheats that is ripping out of it (no anaesthesia implies). You can recover, but the scar left.

So, if you are going to take the risk, you better do it! And get the best shot of your life!

Love is everywhere!



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